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Change can be difficult and exciting. It often takes a great deal of courage to make the changes we sometimes need to make, in order to live the life of our dreams.  I congratulate you on taking your first step toward that goal. 



I have the privilege of walking with people through their own personal journeys of self-revelation and self-discovery.  I see my role in therapy as the person who carries your map, as we walk together. You already hold the answers; through therapy, we have the opportunity to uncover them together.



My style is client-centered and humanistic. I will do my best to meet you where you are and we will work from there toward where you’d like to be. 



I will work with you in a way that acknowledges and builds upon your strengths and potential.  I’ll strive to create an environment of mutual trust, respect and collaboration. My approach can be challenging and direct at times, yet always compassionate and caring.  





I have a general practice.  I work with those with a wide range of challenges.  I am particularly interested and skilled in the following areas:


• Achieving personal and professional development, fulfilling your potential. • Help for those struggling with faith and spiritual issues.  • Thriving beyond surviving.  • Mastering Change, becoming "un-stuck," moving forward.  • LGBTQ issues, including coming out and dealing with families. • Stress reduction.  • Whole life satisfaction, work-life balance, home-life balance, and life enjoyment in the present moment. • Addiction and Recovery.  • 2nd Stage Recovery.  • Prenatal and Postpartum issues.  • Growing your self-esteem. •Setting boundaries.  •Obtaining what you need or want from life.  • Improving communication.  •Negotiation and other work related skills for executives.  • Teaching self-care and burn-out recovery for helpers, healers, & care-givers such as medical workers, family members, pastors and teachers.  • Understanding and growing from relationship problems.  • Adjusting to remarriage and step-families.  • Grief work - healing through bereavement  • Depression and Anxiety.   


I enjoy working with a wide variety of people with many different kinds of challenges and may well be able to help you even if your particular problem is not one of those listed above.  I conduct individual therapy, couples and family therapy.  If you don't see your problems listed above, please call and inquire as to whether your problem falls within my expertise.  If it does not, I will not only let you know, I will gladly help you find some providers who could be of maximum service to you.


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